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Excelgroup provides 3rd party collection services to our diverse core of clients. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, we are uniquely located in the center of the United States.

Upon receipt of a claim our staff will make an immediate contact with the debtor to reach an amicable solution. Each claim is handled on an individual basis with no form letters. When warranted, face-to-face contact will be made with the debtor. This service provides our agent with the opportunity to review the debtor financial condition, analyze the business operation and at the same time, secure a settlement which is most advantageous to our client.

Every account is individually handled by a highly trained collection professional. Despite changing times and conditions, we continue our pledge of a personal and resourceful approach to every collection effort, large or small, near or far. Most importantly we know what corrective action to take so that your money is returned to you quickly.

If your accounts renewables are increasing, your costs of collections are rising, and your write-offs are going up as well... then it's time to change to... EXCELGROUP.

Who we are... - Excelgroup is a leading national accounts renewable management firm. - Excelgroup provides national and international collection services. - Excelgroup is a highly respected commercial collections company that works efficiently for its' clients by providing quality service and continuous communications. - Excelgroup obtains the desired results - our record speaks for itself. "Performance— not promises" is a reputation we're proud of.  It's the reason for our success. The concern of your money is our concern! Calling Excelgroup could be the most important contact you make today

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